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International Burch University has, since its establishment, set itself demanding targets to achieve outstanding quality in all area of Education. Strategy development programs based on innovative tecahing methods, high-profile academic staff and important research, have created an exciting and dynamic department.

The policy program is based on a pluralistic and interdisciplinary approach that is specifically recognized in the curriculum of the second and third cycle, which also provides a very broad overview of various aspects of architecture as a science and art - technical disciplines and professional profiling, or specialize - all depending on the student's choice and preferences.

A special advantage of the Faculty is our International character, aimed at "expanding horizons " and exchange of experiences among young experts and researchers.  This is reflected in our staff and their broad International education and experiences which will directly enable students contact with other Institutions and programmes.


Our Vision

Our vision is to present Architecture as a humanistic and professional discipline that synthesizes art and science through intellectual rigor and aesthetic evaluation of technical understanding. Our vision becomes reality through the achievements of students, their creativity and work, our research, and teaching.  We deliver this to the highest of standards and professionalism.

Aims and objectives

 The key objective of the Architectural Department is to provide students with a professional, intellectual and diverse education resulting in a wide range of opportunities within Architecture.

Our unique program provides continuity in the education of students throughout all levels of study : undergraduate , graduate and postgraduate studies.  The opportunity to begin and grow your education with us creates a great shared respect between staff and students, as we help and support you to develop your interests and approach throughout your eductaion.

A pluralistic approach is also important in the education we give.  The Architectural Department, intends to stimulate artistic sensibility and creativity, to achieve an outstanding level of communication in written, graphic and verbal forms, and to encourage and help students to gain their own unique approach and professionalism in architecture.