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Career After Graduation

Career After Graduation

The level of technical proficiency and advancement opportunities for working in the profession through the acquisition of appropriate vocational and professional skills, are different after the completion of different studies. For a better comparison and examination, hereafter, on this point, we made reference to the first and second cycle.

After completing the first cycle of undergraduate study (bechelor), the student adopts a basic knowledge within the profession and skills, but is unable to make independent professional responsible decisions. Upon completion of the first cycle, the student does not have validity of signatures and qualifications to - if he a find job and stop studying, one day become independent Architect and / or lead designer.

After completing the second cycle - a Masters at the Department of Architecture, the student has the title of Engineer, and after passing the exam can become an independent Architect and / lead designer.

The graduate study second cycle (Masters) is designed to train students and upgrade their knowledge, which, depending on their preferences and desires, can develop in two directions: professional – or research.  At the end of the second cycle, depending on the choice and preference , students acquire a certain degree of specialization, professional background - they "rightly" become a graduate architect with a master degree of Architecture.  It is then that a range of job opportunities becomes available, and the opportunity for research and further education is available.

Employment opportunities for qualified architects - those with a Masters degree, could be in institutions and companies of different types and organizational structures.  The Masters degree trains students to work in different sectors - from private to state: to work in architectural offices, in institutes, research centers, heritage protection authorities, municipalities and other administrative bodies.  These could include, services in urban planning, manufacturing and sales of construction materials, manufacture and sales of equipment for interiors in additon to the afore mentioned opportunites. Ther will alos be possibilities to go into Architectural education through the PhD prpogramme.