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SDP procedure

The Senior Design Project (SDP) course gives students an opportunity to take on a challenging project that would mimic those that they will face in their professional careers. It represents an independent study under the supervision of a Mentor, and students work on short research projects and apply gained knowledge of undergraduate studies in their research. 

Every student will, with a help and guidance from his (her) mentor, do a research on exploring and defining a potential study area suitable for a SDP. They will then identify a specific problem from the selected study area. Results from this study are documented and presented in the form of a project proposal. If the proposal is accepted, the student then moves on the design and implementation of the project. At the end, presentation of the results in both oral and written forms is required. The following are more detailed steps for the implementation of SDP:


  1. Submission of Project Proposals by the Faculty and Announcement of the Proposed Projects
  2. Application for a Proposed Project, or Proposing Student’s Own Project
  3. Announcement of the Projects Assignments to the Students
  4. Description of Project Requirements (in-class meeting with Mentor)
  5. Doing Research
  6. Submission of Project Progress Reports to the Mentor - 1 copy
  7. Implementation of the project.
  8. Submission of Project Progress Reports to the Mentor - 1 copy
  9. Implementation of the project
  10. Submission of Project Reports to the Mentor - 1 copy
  11. Submission of Final Project Reports to the SDP Coordinator - 3 copies


Students earn a total of 5 ECTS of academic credit for completing the course “ARC 362 Senior Design Project” which is registered in the 6th semester.

The student must then spend around six hours per week during the semester implementing the project (Steps 4 - 9). The time spent with the mentor (attendance) and consistency in implementing the project are highly monitored and evaluated.