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Architectural students represented the University football team
Nov 18, 2012

Architectural students represented the University football team

After a year filled with success and joy for Architectural students Mustafa Hasanovic, Sanel Delic and Fatih Mevlana Yildirir, as they passed all exams with a high grades, they will remember this year by achievements that they achieve in other fields.They were selected in the university representative football team that was founded this year and participated in the UNSA football league for students, where they played against representatives from other faculties and universities.

Even known that as an architectural student they had a lot of projects to design and a lot of drawings to draw, they were very active members of the team. It was hard to imagine a good performance without their contribution. Mustafa Hasanovic ( second year student ) was wearing the shirt no.11 and managed to score 2 in 5 matches. He was also essential in defensive tasks.

Sanel Delic ( first year student ) managed to represent the university 5 times and had a great impact in the defensive tasks as he was wearing the shirt no.4. Fatih Mevlana Yildirir (first year student ) was the team’s no.9, and was always dangerous in front of opponents goal. With a great pace and good dribble skills he was given big applauses several times. He represented the university 5 times. The university football team had reached the quarter finals and played above all expectations, so they were rewarded by a diploma given from the University Rector during the graduation ceremony as a congratulations for their participation. Hopefully that next year they and other architecture students will participate in such events and will represent our university in that kind of activities. Once more, congratulations Mustafa, Sanel and Fatih. Keep on the good work.