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Dec 17, 2012

Summer Practice Successfully Finished

Summer practice of our students from third year of Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies is successfully finished in Sarajevo, Istanbul and Bursa.


The students spent one month on practice in different architectural companies, where team work and exchange of knowledge are important part of every design process.


This kind of education, combination of theory and internship, is considered as one of great advantages of studding architecture at Architectural Department of International Burch University.


summer practice

" Theoretical knowledge is important but from the other side it is useless if I don't have an opportunity to develop acquired skills. Practice in company gives me opportunity to see sites, workers, machines and all other things which I studied theoretically. I think that this practice, together with my faculty knowledge complete my knowledge and helped me to influence my orientation and decision in developing my knowledge in future and I would recommend my colleagues to do so."

Amar Dautovic

Architecture as a profession starts to gain real stamp when we face with the real projects and when field work becomes unavoidable in order to meet demands of investments. Our students improved their skills in architectural drawing programs such as AutoCad ,SketchUp, Allplan, Revit etc. The summer practice motivated students to reach better results in continuation of study and use new knowledge on faculty projects.


summer practice 2

" I had a really great experience with this exchange. I was lucky and proud to be in a company as Ilham Mimarlik in Istanbul, because they are really responsible and I felt that I belong there. I would recommend my colleagues to do the same. "

Zedina Hujdur