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Oct 26, 2015

Book promotions

We are pleased to inform you that the last day (October 24th, 2015) of the CICOP Conference: The importance of the place, four books were promoted. Promotion of the books was held in Motif room at the International BURCH University and it was attended by guests and participants of the Conference and by our students too.

The book: „Održivo stanovanje, drvo, ovčja vuna, i slama, izazovi i potencijali tradicionalnih prirodnih materijala", by author: Ass. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić was promoted by Prof. Dr. Maja Roso Popovac and Ma. Sc. Haris Piplaš. Prof. Dr. Amir Čaušević,  Prof. emeritus Dr. Šahzija Dreca – Đonlagić, Ass. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić, and  Mr.Sc. Edin Garaplija promoted the book "Otpornost betonskih konstrukcija na požar". Author of the book is Ass. Prof. Dr. Sanin Džidić. Third book that was promoted is called „ONE SPAN: Ottoman Bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina“. The author of this book is Prof. Dr. Maja Roso Popovac and the promoters were Prof. Dr. Amir Čaušević and Prof. emeritus Dr. Fuad Ćatović. "Posebne vrste betona: Mikroarmirani betoni" is the book written by Ass. Prof. Dr. Merima Šahinagić-Isović, and it was promoted by Prof. emeritus Dr. Fuad Ćatović and Prof. Dr. Zlatko Maglajlić.