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Nov 09, 2015

"Creative Workshop" through the Freehand drawing courses

“ The important thing is to keep on drawing when you start to paint. Never graduate from drawing.” John Sloan

Freehand drawing is essential skill and routine to an architect's acquisition of knowledge. Individuality of drawing hand speaks about personal note in architectural design of individual authors. Accordingly, it is quite important to think of drawing in these terms because drawing is vital to the process of making architecture.

When space is drawn by hand, we draw what we consciously know what is in our subconscious is directly connected with it, and so at the same time projecting the drawing of our desire that what occurs during drawing. It shows how drawing is inextricably linked to the essence of making because the act of marking lines, images and symbols is the most direct and substantial connection between the mind and the image.

The first genration of architectural students got a possibility to enroll the freehand drawing course tought by great expert in that field, Assist. Prof. Dr. Taida Jašarević who graduated and got the experience in ten years work in Japan. Freehand drawing course provides students the opportunity to overcome the skills of drawing through exercising the hand on different examples. Classes also provide an opportunity for relaxing in the pleasant atmosphere while progressing in the field of architecture.