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Jul 29, 2015

IBU student pavilion – student competition for the architectural concept design

IBU student pavilion project is gathering students from architecture, forestry and agriculture faculties with the scope of exploring, getting familiar and building with alternative materials such as straw, wood and recycled building elements.

The building will serve as the new student gathering space of IBU, to provide a welcoming, dynamic learning environment for showcasing the student’s work. The pavilion will be inclusive, contemporary and complementing to the existing structures.

The selection process was launched in May with the first stage, which took the form of a preliminary sketch ideas open to all IBU undergraduate students. During the Stage 2 the Jury panel was able to select 12 shortlisted candidates, judged to have produced the best response to the Competition Brief, who have been invited to develop further proposals. Shortlisted authors were grouped into three architect teams.    

Members of the Judging Panel took into special consideration the following: originality of the proposed concept, ability to respond to the demands of the project brief, possibility of the proposal realization with alternative materials and energy efficiency.

The  Judging Panel which evaluated the design submissions included three experts in the energy efficiency and alternative materials design, two engineers, two designers and one expert in the traditional design methods:

1. Prof. Ljubomir Miščević, architect – Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb;

2. Prof. Mirza Dautbegović, engineer – Forestry faculty, University of Sarajevo;

3. M.Sc. Ognjen Šukalo, architect  - Faculty of Architecture, University of Banja Luka;

4. Arijana Mandić, architect - Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders;

5. Donato Guliani, Conseiller de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle, Directeur de l’Institut français, Ambassade de France en Bosnie-Herzégovine

6. Zenit Đozić, actor, humorist and TV producer;

7. Assist.Prof. Sanela Klarić, architect  - IBU;

8. Assist.Prof. Sanin Džidić, engineer - IBU;

9. Assist.Prof. Dina Šamić, architect  - IBU;

10. Mensur Demir, architect - IBU;


According to the Jury’s opinion the following prizes were awarded:

-          FIRST PRIZE (300KM) – group no.2 Lamija Durmiš, Ajla Čatić, Kemal Marić i Amina Talić;



-          SECOND PRIZE (200KM) – group no. 1 Ilma Jašarević, Semra Hasić, Lamija Meša  i Esma Hećimović;



-          THIRD PRIZE (100KM) – group no. 3 Šefko Hadžić, Ruba Almonejad, Haniyeh Golzardi, Kenan Nurković;

Group 3


Following the conclusion of the competition, IBU team intends to start work on the new student pavilion as soon as practicable. The winning group will be invited to collaborate on developing their design ideas with the IBU executive team responsible for realizing and delivering the project. Construction deadline is October 2015.