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Oct 19, 2015

Seminar on conservation of synagogue in Subotica

We are happy to announce the Call for Applications for seminar on conservation of synagogue in Subotica, which will take place in Subotica from 20th to 25th November 2015. This workshop is the first of activities within the project Heritage under the Loupe, a project which aims to offer a series of education and professional development opportunities in the field of heritage restoration and management around one of the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau in the Southeast Europe – Synagogue in Subotica. Looking closely at this outstanding monument is an excellent learning opportunity, because the complexities of this monument pose numerous technical and management challenges on the restoration project and the future use.

The workshop is aimed at young experts, postgraduate students, and students of final years and in the field of conservation, engineering, architecture and other areas related to heritage management and protection from Serbia and the region[1]. The seminar will gather a mix of lecturers and trainers, both the local experts dedicated to restoration of Synagogue and international experts, engineers and conservation architects. Each participant will get the certificate at the end of the workshop.

The main goal of this seminar is to introduce principles, methods and techniques of assessment, conservation and restoration of Art Nouveau monuments and to offer onsite analytic discussions on the solutions for the restoration of the Synagogue.

The seminar will include:

• Education of the history, architecture and specificities of restoration of Synagogue and Art Nouveau heritage

• Education and training about the basic principles and standards of conservation

• Education and training about the basic assessment and understanding of the structure of historical monuments

• Education and training about the understanding and the technical assessment of construction and capacity of supporting elements, as well as about non-invasive methods to assess bearing capacity of historical structures

• The aspect of the cultural heritage management, the aspect of the decision making structure, responsibility of the community and individuals towards the cultural monument.

All accommodation and alimentation costs during the course of the workshop will be covered by the organizer, while the costs of travel are to be covered by participants. We have provided 5 travel grants of maximum 150euros for best applicants from the Region[2]and 5 travel grants of maximum 50euros for the best applicants from Serbia.

The deadline for sending the application form is November the 1st. We will inform all candidates about the results of the selection until 7th of November.


[1] Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo*, Serbia

[2] Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo*