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Jan 27, 2016

1st International Seminar on Passive House and Natural Materials

1st International Seminar on Passive House and Natural Materials was organized by University of Zagreb and University of Ljubljana, on 23-24 January 2016.

The topic of the two-day international seminar was the usage of natural materials in architecture, high energy efficiency in new construction and restoration of Energy Standards of passive house, or renovation to the factor of 10. The focus of this seminar was on the wooden structure, straw and clay plaster. In addition to lectures and professional excursions in Croatia and Slovenia, it has been talked about usage of natural materials in the context of energy efficiency, economy and sustainability.

The intention of the seminar was the formation of professional, scientific and educational platform for the development of educational and vocational curriculum (Build-up skills, EU, etc.), legislation, improvement of production technology and design, professional and scientific monitoring, reference and joint participation in national and EU projects on the basis of best practice in the participating countries.

The seminar was prompted by past interdisciplinary international cooperation during the Days of passive house in Croatia.

During the two-days seminar, following activities were held:

Saturday, January 23

-          Introductory lecture: Sustainability, energy efficiency and economic importance of natural building materials: wood, straw, wool fleece, cellulose, hemp, stone, held by full time professor Ljubomir Miščević, architect,  head of the Passive HouseConsortium Croatia;

-          Lecture held by Dubravko Martinić, mechanical engineer, editor of the magazine „Korak u prostor“

Professional excursions

-          Passive house M6, Stupnik, D. Martinić, mechanical engineer, Tehnomar d.o.o., designed by Ljubomir Miščević, architect

-          Wooden family house, Gornje Vrapče, by Marina Zajec, architect

-          Family house of wooden construction with straw, Bistra, by Marina Zajec, architect.

Sunday, Januray 24

-          Center for the bio construction, Martjanci, Moravske Toplice Municipality, 3.0 km from Murska Sobota,

The presentation and tour of the buildings that have been renovated mostly by natural materials, including renewable energy

-          Stojan Habjanič, Biogradnja S. Habjanič, SP, GBC Slovenia, president of GBC Slovenia

Professional excursions

-          Kager Hiša, d.o.o., Ptuj, visit of the production line of the prefabricated wood houses

Friderik Kager, Director, a tour of the production plant and reference achievements

Our University took participation with lecturers and panelists assiatnt Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić, Associate Prof. Maja Roso Popovac, and Abdulmalik Begović, master student of architecture.