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Mapping sources for students and Boris Badza lecture at IBU
Dec 07, 2016

Mapping sources for students and Boris Badza lecture at IBU

Last night IBU.ARC was honoured to welcome GIS mapping and Urban Design expert Boris Badza and here are some of his tips..

IBU.ARC was delighted to welcome Boris Badza last night for a lecture.  His insights into using GIS systems to aid the process of urban design and help to create strategic Municiplity plans were great.  We also learnt about how GIS mapping can give you accurate technical informtion and demographic information to help research your project sites.  A good map depends on the quality of information you have.  Better information and data gives better results.  The map also needs to be readable and understandable.  Use these following sources to get clear scale pdf and dwg maps.




Also if your projects are in the city of Sarajevo take inspiration from:


And these are great sources for inspiration on how to present maps and what you might include: