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Jun 08, 2016


AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

Universita G. d’Annunzio Dipartimento di Architettura di Pescara is hosting its second Summer School for Collaborative research this summer from August 30 – September 10, 2016. The department has invited representatives from six different countries in the Adriatic region to participate.  We are very pleased to announce that Burch International University will be returning this year as a representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are looking for four dedicated, driven, and design enthusiastic Masters/3rd year students who will join the Burch team this year, in the ten-day workshop that will focus on urban and architectural issues facing the city of Pescara.

This will be a great opportunity for the participating students to learn together in an intensive, collaborative environment. In addition, the success full completion of the workshop will be rewarded with a certificate.  The work resulting from the summer school will be published and exhibited in Italy. 



The specific task of the Pescara Summer School is to address cities and significant disciplinary issues, but above all to address a region vast and diverse, specifically that of the Adriatic.
 The Pescara Summer School will address different cities and contexts with the aim to propose design solutions within a limited time frame while working in groups varied in origin and disciplinary interest. This approach will lead to the proposal of alternative and innovative solutions, on the trail of previous experiences but also challenging choices and conditions that have been often consolidated in time.

 The 2016 Pescara The Summer School will address, design themes related to the city of Pescara, the same ones that have been highlighted by the City Council through the agreement between the Department and the City. In particular, the work will be related to areas in need of urban, social, and economic regeneration and sites where the city of Pescara aims to establish a new relationship with its river and the Adriatic Sea.



Università di Camerino (Italy) - Facoltà di Architettura Ascoli Piceno

Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy) – Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Edile-Architettura University of Lujblijana (Slovenia) – Faculty of Architecture

University of Zagreb (Croatia) – Faculty of Architecture

University of Split (Croatia) – Faculty of Architecture

Burch International University, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Department of Architecture

Polythecnic University of Tirana (Albania),

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAUP)

Polis University, Tirana (Albania), Faculty of Architecture and Design

University of Patras (Greece) – Faculty of Architecture

University of Thessaloniky (Greece) – Faculty of Architecture


Arrival and Departure

Tuesday August 30,2016  - Wednesday September 10,2016  (total of 10 nights).


Organization and Costs

Team will consist of 4 Students and 2 Tutors

The Dipartimento di Architettura in Pescara will accommodate students in houses and apartments with Italian students.



Cost of transportation TBD (325 KM or less) plus cost of food.



Interested applicants please submit the following to Lejla Odobasic ([email protected]):

  • Statement of interested which will describe why the student would like to participate in the Pescara Summer School and how it will benefit their future work
  • In no more than 500 words describe the relationship between Architectural Design, Sustainably, Landscape, Strategic Planning in the role of urban design.  Give examples from the cities you are familiar with.
  • Include a copy of your Academic Transcript for 2015/2016

We encourage all interested Masters students to apply for this opportunity.  The four positions will be granted based on the evaluation of the application material outlined above.


Deadline for Application 

July 1, 2016


For more information see:



PSS Call for Application 2016 with more detail information you can download HERE.