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Call for Papers for BHCICOP - Importance of Place- Sarajevo- 2017
Dec 05, 2016

Call for Papers for BHCICOP - Importance of Place- Sarajevo- 2017

The 4th Importance of Place Conference in Sarajevo has opened the call for papers for it's next conference 20th- 23rd October 2017!

From their website:



Cities and Cultural Landscapes: between recognition, preservation and usage 


The importance of retaining the built cultural heritage cannot be overstated. Rapid development and the inappropriate conservation techniques are threatening many built cultural heritage unique sites in different parts of the world.

Our main aim is to recover the traditional «architectural» language by integrating it within the framework of contemporary education. The architect’s role encompasses appreciating the past, understanding the present, and anticipating and preparing for the future.

This conference brings together contributions from scientists, architects, engineers and restoration experts from all over the world dealing with different aspects of heritage buildings.


  • 1st call – 21.10.2016.
  • Submission of abstracts – 21.01.2017. 
  • Acceptance notification – 07.03.2017.
  • Submission of draft paper – 12.05.2017.
  • Review comments to author (s) – 10.07.2017.
  • Submission of final paper – 31.08.2017.
  • CICOP – 20.-23.10.2017.