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Historijski Muzej 50th Birthday Party
Nov 22, 2016

Historijski Muzej 50th Birthday Party

25.11.2016. at 19.00. History Museum of BiH is open to visitors for 50 years! We are inviting you to celebrate our birthday with us on Novembre 25th 2016 at 19.00. FREE ENTRANCE.

The 50th Birthday Party Night at the Museum is being organised by students from the University of Sarajevo Faculties of Architecture, Coservation and Restoration, and History.  The students have prepared an evening of workshops and music with a DJ and Bar.  The evening  will include Conservation and Drawing workshops.  The event is part of Museum Month (Mjesec Mujeza) which is a whole month of events celebrating the original opening of the Historijski Muzej to the public and the recent and longer history of Bosnia and the region.