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Visit to the Rīgas Celtniecības College
May 27, 2016

Visit to the Rīgas Celtniecības College

As a part of the Erasmus exchange program of academic staff, two professors from the Department of Architecture, International Burch University visited Riga Building College. Professor's Sanela Klaric and Maja Rosa Popovac held lectures for students and profeasors of Riga Building College.


Professor Roso Popovac spoke about reconstruction of Old Bridge in Mostar, and Professor Klaric spoke about Student Pavilion project. The lectures were very successful and International Burch University was presented on a high level. Studnets and Professors from Riga Building College show great interest for upcoming projects and activities on IBU and will for sure join us in September in Sarajevo. Beside the lectures, several meetings were held with head of departments, professors and Irena Luse, director of Riga Building Collage. The aim of the meetings was to establish next steps of cooperation between two universities. Professors from the Department of Architecture visited workshops for conservation of wood, metal, furniture, and art pieces.

The official parts of the visit to the Riga Building College are also visits to the cultural heritage sites in Latvia, where Professor Linda Krag presented methods of protection of monuments and structures in Bauska. This visit is part of the Erasmus project of cooperation between two universities and it is very important for exchange of ideas and experiences and mobility of academic staff.