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Jul 04, 2017

AABH Night School continues

We invite you to another series of lectures organized by the Association of Architects in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the name of the school AABH_02. Lectures will be held on 06.07. (Thursday) at 18:00 in the Art cinema.

These lectures want to give expert review and technical basis for the application of modern products from the construction industry. An increasing number of various new materials and technologies will appear in our market, a prerequisite for their correct application in the design of the knowledge of their technical specifications and correct installation. 

Through these lectures we designers meet with new materials, systems and construction equipment and connect them with experts who can provide technical support during the design process. 

Lectures organized in cooperation with selected brands from the construction industry, which will in addition to lectures all participants and provide technical documentation for specific products and material samples. All participants will be recorded and at the end of this year's program will receive a certificate on taken classes. 

Speakers and topics Schools AABH_02 are: 

Knauf Insulation 
Topic: Mineral wool - a complete solution for the thermal, acoustic and fire insulation of buildings. 

Topic: Innovative solutions in glass, respecting nature and man.

Topic: Details and resolve details in the program Tiling Murexin products. 

Lecture: The ArchiCAD BIM - Doxat, Riad Drina