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May 19, 2017

Architectural student congress (ASK) in Nis 5th-8th June 2017- applications

A great opportunity to be involved and present at this great regional student conference is available!

ASK 2017

After eight years ASK returns to Niš. Since 5th June to 8th June 2017, it will accommodate over eighty students of architecture and their mentors from various cities from the territory of former Yugoslavia.

The representatives of each faculty are invited to share their visions on provided topics, preferably with local examples and experiences, as well as to send a poster presenting their work, for the exhibition of the congress.

Topic of ASK in 2017


  • Various 'discrepancies’ and 'pass-bys' are encountered on a daily basis. The discrepancy between the needs and the means, between the ideas and reality, between wishes and possibilities... Each faculty of architecture deals with specific topics and problems of their cities. The intention of ASK in this year is that the student would acquaint each other with their experience of local architecture and reality by answering the topic of the event. Numerous changes in the economy of our countries, wars and recovery from the wars brought about new challenges to architecture and urbanization of cities. Multitude of deserted structures and industrial complexes affected the cities and their environments. Renewal, revitalization, conversion of these units would considerably contribute to the advancement of each city. Numerous affirmed lecturers, along with the professors of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Niš, will give a number of lectures and workshops to the students, in order to acquaint them with their work and demonstrate good practice examples in problem solving.


    Architectural student congress (ASK) lasts for four days. It consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part includes the lectures of affirmed local architects and professors. At the same time, the students themselves will have an opportunity to present their vision of a given issue. The practical part includes the workshop, where the students in groups will produce a concept of a design of a pedestrian zone in the center of Niš, after which each group will present their design.


    All the participants are obliged to send their posters, representing their view of the topic, in an electronic form to the e-mail [email protected] no later than 1st of June 2017, with an accompanying text of up to 1000 words. The text can be written in any of ex YU languages. In addition, it is necessary to send an abstract in English. The poster has a size of 100x70cm, vercal


orientation, and resolution 300dpi, in JPG or PDF formats with the data on authors, mentor and faculty. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the computer presentations (Power Point presentations, videos and similar), which will be presented to other participants and the public. The presentation format is optional. The presentation duration is limited to 15 minutes per faculty.

The maximum number of students from each faculty is 6+1 assistant/mentor. Each group must apply through e-mail until 26th of May, 2017.

You may contact the organizer for all additional information, and the contact data can be found in the text of the invitation e-mail-a.

Participation fee

Participation fee for the congress is 90e. Mentors are exempt from the fee.

We ask all the participants to pay the participation fee to the account of the Urban Planning Cluster.

Important dates

Confirmation of participation in the Congress: 19th May 2017. Applications: 26th May 2017.
Sending of projects: 1st June 2017.
congress: 5th June 2017. 8th June 2017.

ASK organization team:

Marija Marinković Aleksandra Ćurčić Ana Curk
Đorđe Maričić

In the organization of:

Student Parliament of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Niš Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Niš
Urban planning cluster