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Days of Architecture – Istria
Nov 14, 2017

Days of Architecture – Istria

This year's Days of Architecture - Istria DAI-SAI will be held from 16. November – 20. December. The main theme of this architecture event is RUIN / MEMORY /  RENEWAL which will be explored through a series of exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Days of Architecture - Istria 2017 program is organized by the Society of Architects of Istria in cooperation with the MMC Luka Gallery, the Istrian Archaeological Museum, the Metamedia Society, the Open University Poreč, the Labin library and the LG Pazin Gallery.

The events opening,  held on Thursday, November 16, at 7 pm in Pula MMC Luka, will be the annual exhibition of members of the Istrian Architects Society, as well as a series of exhibition - "Publishing - Action", "About Nikola Dobrović", “A monument to monuments”.

After the Pula opening weekend, the Days of Architecture - Istria will last a whole month through a series of exhibitions and workshops in Pazin, Višnjan, Labin and Poreč. 

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