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New International Competition launched for Students and Architects!
Feb 20, 2017

New International Competition launched for Students and Architects!

The famous YAC (Young Architects Competitions) have just announced a new international competition to design a wedding venue in Italy. An international panel of judges including David Chipperfield Architects and Will Alsop will be judging.

The YAC competitions are an excellent way for students to try out ideas and push themselves and be able to be exhibited internationally.  The prize has real cash prizes and the winners are always given good press ocverage.  The site is a historical castle in Italy.

These competitions are great opportunities for students to compete at international level, push themselves, learn to collaborate on design projects and try to win some prizes.  In addition these types of competitions are excellent for your portfolio and CV when you are looking for summer jobs or graduate jobs.  Thy allow you to develop your creative thinking, design and presentation skills.

The brief along with all registration information, CAD drawings, photos etc can be downloaded here: