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Open call for students and young architects for Days of Architecture 2017 announced
Feb 21, 2017

Open call for students and young architects for Days of Architecture 2017 announced

This year's Days of Architecture festival has just announced an open call for students and young architects to submit on the theme of 'Continuous Interior' set by famous architect and this year's curator; Idis Turato


An open call for students, young architect and visual artists under the age of 35, to submit their works, projects, contributions and suggestions as a response to the theme of Days of architecture 2017, which will be held from 17th to 21st of May 2017 in Sarajevo. This is an international, open type competition!

Write, photograph, record, install, direct, draw, sculpt or model your vision of the present and the future... We are not interested in the past!

The deadline for submissions is 15th of April 2017 12 p.m. (CET).
Jury will select the top 7 works, whose authors will be invited to participate and present their work at Pecha Kucha, as a part of the official program of Days of architecture 2017. Accomodation in Sarajevo will be provided for participants of Pecha Kucha, as well as the tickets for all the events of the festival! All submitted works will be published on our website, and will be a part of the festival exhibition. 

For more on how to apply and details of the competition check our website: http://www.daniarhitekture.ba/bs/dakonkurs, and to read about the theme itself, go to the blog of the curator of Days of architecture 2017, Idis Turato: http://www.idisturato.com/2017/02/19/kontinuirani-interijer/!

Days of Architecture is an annual Architecture festival which takes place in Sarajevo every May.  We encourage all students to submit piecs and try and speak at the event as it is an excellent platform to explore and present your ideas and meet people from across the region and world.  Students should also look to be student volunteers and get involved in any way they can- it is excellent experience, a great atmosphere and excellent for your CV and meeting people.