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Product design competition open to students of Architecture
Apr 26, 2017

Product design competition open to students of Architecture

A new competition has been announced open to Students of Fine Art and Architecture to design kitchen cutting boards for RAMA Glas as promotional pieces. Please read below and contact RAMA Gals for any further instructions


Design contest 

1. Subject of the competition is to make a preliminary decision to create a kitchen cutting boards made of glass, intended to promote Rama glas doo. 

2. Objective 
We are looking for an original solution, which will be used to produce promotional kitchen cutting boards. Kitchen boards RAMA-GLAS have long been an indispensable part of modern kitchen. With this decision we want to implement the new ideas of young people in terms of creativity and detail to enable participants absolute freedom. Logo Rama Glas, must be incorporated into the conceptual design, and will apply screen-printing on glass. You can use a maximum of three colors. 
Size kitchen timber is 200x300mm made of tempered glass 6mm. 
Colors used are water based and are safe for use in human, and have particular features of specific pigments to the glass. It must have regard to the original color will reflect the same tone to the finished product. 

3rd Contact person 
Lejla Nuhić, tel. 062086-435, Email: [email protected] 

4. Offers 
Participants in the competition have the right to offer a competition proposal in the form of a set which must contain all of these elements. 

5. Procedure registration 
Applications for the competition are submitted to the above e-mail, on the due date, with the note: "By entering the contest." 
Entrants accept the requirements of the competition act of submission of their application. 

6. Contents of the competition work 
Entrants are required to submit the following: 
• graphic design: Conceptual design in electronic form. 
• Drawing should be in vektorkskoj form if it contains more colors. 
• If the drawing in one color can be: * .jpg * .tif, etc. 
Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

7. Right of participation 
Competition is open to students of Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Architecture and design students. 
For individuals, it is necessary to specify in the application's full name, home address and registration number of the author, and a statement that the submitted work is copyrighted. 
The awarded students will be required to sign a statement that the copyright and the right to use the proposed conceptual design transferred to Rama voice Ltd. 

8. State Awards 
After the expiry of the deadline for the application, will see the evaluation of proposals received that meet the requirements of the competition. 
Decision-called jury will award three prizes: 
• First place in the amount of KM 300.00 (three hundred hp), the winning work will be published on the circulation of 1000 pcs., Kitchen boards. 
• second place in the amount of KM 200.00 (two hundred hp), the work will be printed in a print run of 500 pcs., Kitchen boards. 
• Third place in the amount of KM 100.00 (hundredth hp), the work will be printed in a print run of 300 pcs., Kitchen boards. 
All finished products are being packed in boxes that will contain a brief biography of the author. Kitchen boards will be used for promotional purposes the company Rama voice. 
Award Ceremony includes the purchase of a copyright work (conceptual design). The award is presented on a net basis. Payment awards copyrights transferred to Rama voice Ltd., which acquired the exclusive right to use selected the winning design solutions. 

9th by a jury 
For the best preliminary design shall be appointed by a jury that will consider timely received applications and decide on the best proposal. 

10. Operation jury 
The Commission shall complete its work within 15 days from the last date for submission of competition works. In its selection by a jury will appreciate the prescribed conditions and criteria respecting the specificity and activity which deals with Rama Glas Ltd. If the Commission finds that the received proposals did not meet the aspect of one or more of the required elements of this competition, it will not be required to choose one of the offers received. The results of the assessment of the competition, candidates will be informed in writing. If it is subsequently determined that the selected proposal plagiarism, jury shall have the right to annul the award, and awarded person is obliged to return the amount of money prizes. 

11th Evaluation criteria in order of their significance The assessment works for the prize, in order of importance, shall be taken: 
• The realization of the objectives, 
• Compliance creative and commercial aspects of the proposed solutions, 
• Originality and creativity solutions. 

12. Deadline for submission of papers 
The competition is open from 04/17/2017. until 05.08.2017. The deadline for submission of applications is 15. 05. 2017. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.