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Student Competition 2017
Apr 04, 2017

Student Competition 2017

Calling all IBU Architecture students! A great opportunity has arisen with the new student competition brief. BRAU - BIENNALE DEL RESTAURO ARCHITETTONICO E URBANO (Biennial restoration, architecture and urban planning and building) a series of events which will take place during 2017 and 2018, including exhibitions, conferences, open lectures. BRAU is organized CICOP Italy and partner BHCICOP, under the auspices of UNESCO.

Please find the full competiton brief:


The brief is looking for reuse and regeneration of the barracks in Novo Sarajevo - but needs to be sensitive to the historical context of place and use.  With all the work we have been doing this semester across the School on site analysis driving concepts we hope that you can put this to good use and enter the competition.  Prizes of up to 500 Euros are available plus inclusion in exhitbions and events.

Some key information:


Context: Property should be treated as a site with a strong memory space.
Content: Offer powerful content that will complement the existing functions.
Concept: The visual concept should reflect needs of the site.
Conflict: Old and new solved in an innovative manner: to respect and incorporate the remains of barrack and to respect the urban situation.

The deadline is Friday, 1 September 2017.


The jury will consist out of national and international professors and lecturers from architectural field.
The jury remains the right not to reward first, second, or third prize if the submitted works fail to meet standards of this competition.

1. First place: 500 euro
2. Second place: 200 euro
3. Third place: 100 euro 

Good luck!