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The Winner of the Shinkenchiku Award - Krešimir Damjanović
Oct 10, 2017

The Winner of the Shinkenchiku Award - Krešimir Damjanović

The Shinkenchiku Award is given by the iconic Japanese magazine for architecture a+u to innovative projects, and is decided by one single jury member. This year’s decision maker was Go Hasegawa.

This year's winner of the prestigious architectural award is architect Krešimir Damjanović, who won this award for his proposal that focuses on and deals with cultural differences in “dimensions.”

Go Hasagawa’s comment on the winning project: “Drawn from the migrant crisis as a present-day social issue, this is a house that doesn’t solve such issues but naturally accept various cultural differences with its “various dimensions.” Diversifying “dimensions” can be a methodology to accept human diversity as it is. I found such perspectives of “various dimensions” very attractive.”

We would like to  congratulate architect Krešimir Damjanović on winning the Shinkenchiku Award.