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Feb 12, 2018


Association of Architects in B&H - AABH is opening its new office space in Sarajevo. The opening ceremony will be held on Friday 16.02.2018. at 19:00 – the new HUB space of AABH is located at Alipašina 2.

The new AABH center is organized to be a creative HUB – educational and coworking space. The HUB will act as a community enabler, offering informal forums and exhibition space with facilities for workshops and training programmes.

The first educational training, held in the new AABH space, will be ArchiCad course, one of the most common BIM methods.

If you are interested you should contact: [email protected]

For more informations on terms of using HUB/coworking space visit AABH official website:


Source: AABH official website