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Architecture Students’ Exploration of School Design
Nov 19, 2018

Architecture Students’ Exploration of School Design

IBU Architecture students in third year visited two primary schools (the Primary School “Fatima Gunić” on November 15 and the “Bloom” School on November 16) as an integral part of the Architectural Design V course. 

The school visits were an exhilarating learning medium for architecture students through they gained exceptional knowledge about two different educational models, one that is more traditional and very present in our region, practiced in the Primary School “Fatima Gunić” and other that is unconventional followed by the Montessori philosophy practiced in the School “Bloom”.

Students were able to examine educational environment and school facilities, see how is performed teaching process and what is the role of space regarding the specific educational programs and, importantly, interact with the pupils of different ages and met their perspective of school experiences.

IBU Architecture is grateful to the staff members who generously gave their time and provide to IBU students very useful school tours.