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Course: Spatial Analysis and GIS Techniques
Dec 26, 2018

Course: Spatial Analysis and GIS Techniques

Association of Architects in B&H – AABH organizes in January 2019, a training course on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, the best known software for collecting, mapping and graphical analysis and processing of spatial data. The aim of the  course is to train participants to work with GIS techniques and to explain the the logic of the program and its use in practice. 

This GIS beginner training includes a 20-hour cycle (45 minutes), organized in a two-hour block (demonstration exercise-practical exercise) with a 15-minute break. The classes will be held twice a week (Monday, Wednesday), starting at 17:30 and ending at 19:15. Total course duration is 5 weeks. 

Deadline  for the first cycle: 21/01/2018

Instructor: Vedad Viteškić

Course starts on 22/01/2019 and lasts until 22/02/2019

For more informations visit AABH web site: