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'Misleading Communication and Space: Illusion or Reality' Exhibition opened
Nov 02, 2018

'Misleading Communication and Space: Illusion or Reality' Exhibition opened

The exhibition entitled "Misleading Communication and Space: Illusion or Reality", opened on Tuesday -  30.10.2018 at the International Burch University, is a visual communication of the results and findings gained during the research through activities within the project "Culture and Technology for Sustainable Development". The project was implemented in cooperation with the University of Zagreb. 

The project was funded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the grant "Programms for preparation of projects and potential candidates for the H2020 Fund" for 2017.

The aim of the research was to recognize the need to re-examine the system of cultural values, as well as to define culture and technology as a coherent system, which is in accordance with the EU's sustainable development strategy.

The project analyzes the complex processes of global flows, in particular following recent demographic changes and cultural transformations in the region and Europe. The main goal of the project is to explore models of coexistence of culture and technology in which they will advance together with the aim to achieve balance and make the most of their potentials.

Please come and take a look in Block B!