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ASK – Architecture Student Congress
May 24, 2019

ASK – Architecture Student Congress

ASK Karavan 2019

Authors: Amina Sefić I Minea Čopra

ASK (Architectural Student Congress) is an annual gathering of students of architecture from the countries of the former SFRJ. The main goal of ASK has been the participation, connection and exchange of knowledge between professors and students. Each year, the location of the event is different. ASK 2019 took place in Montenegro and ASK KARAVAN was held for the first time. ASK Karavan is a transit story of the place - the picture in movement - a traveling architecture. The caravan is an intuitive feeling of space, and contemplation with the place. An inspirational moment that is recorded at the time, producing a result which in that sense becomes a physical experience of physical space. 

International Burch University gladly responded to this invitation where it was represented by 2 students, Amina Sefić and Minea Čopra. Before the actual event started, the students needed to make a video showing and making a caravan throughout the city that they come from by using different vehicles.

All participants/students were divided into three groups lead by mentors where all three topics were presented and the main tool of ASK Karavan 2019 was introduced - a white towel. The kinetic approach to architecture throughout movement will question two diametrically opposite cities in the period that is outside of their usual tourist protocols.  Kolašin and Herceg Novi were the cities that hosted ASK Karavan 2019 and through exploring these cities, the students needed to implement the towel and give the function to it that they saw, created and thought it would go the best with the location at that moment and would answer to one of the topics.

Topics were:




We came back with new adventures, gained and exchanged experiences, connection made with students, mentors from different universities and memory that we will always remember. We – together with the whole staff of department of architecture at International Burch University are honored and thankful that we had been part of ASK this year.