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Call for Piranesi Student Honorable Mention 2019
Sep 23, 2019

Call for Piranesi Student Honorable Mention 2019

Piranesi Student Honorable Mention awards best architectural student project, designed in last two years in a Central Europe region. Projects are selected by student selectors at the end of October. Each of invited Central- European faculties – Graz, Spittal, Vienna, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Split, Zagreb, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Pescara, Trieste, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Maribor, Belgrade, Novi Sad and AA London – presents two student architectural projects. 

The purpose of the call for applications is the selection of realized or non-realized student’s architectural works, which will compete for the 2019 Piranesi Honorable Mention at the Piranesi international architectural exhibition, organized within the international conference Piran Days of Architecture. 

The deadline for delivery of proposals is 4. 10. 2019. Deliver them in hand or send them in pdf format to the e-mail address of your Faculty selector. E-mail address of your Faculty selector is published at www.pida.si/selectors-and-criteria.

For more information visit:  http://www.pida.si/pdf/Piranesi_2019_05b_international_call_students_EN.pdf


Source: www.pida.si/call