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IBU architecture 2019 calendar
Jan 08, 2019

IBU architecture 2019 calendar

We also started this New year creative with a new calendar design. Main inspiration and motives were our 3rdyear student works – pattern designs from their Design Methods course. 

Students were encouraged to be innovative, creative and adventurous in providing new ways of thinking about design, interpretation and “translation” of traditional elements in accordance with today's needs (“What did we inherit? What do we have to preserve? What to reconstruct or transform?”-D.Grabrijan, J.Neidhardt), the human experience and built environment, such as use of materials, light, shadow, color, textures and surfaces.Their task was to research traditional interior design principles, elements and patterns (e.g. furniture, space usage, decoration, carving, embroidery, materials, motives, patterns, etc.) – analyse them and make own pattern design, inspired by previous observations and following contemporary design tendencies.  

We photographed their great patterns and decided to memorize them with this calendar. 

In our gallery below we would like to present you our IBUarchitecture 2019 calendar. 

You can order your 2019 IBUarc calender at:

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