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IBU.ARC Photo Competition Results
May 23, 2019

IBU.ARC Photo Competition Results

-Cities, People and Architecture-

Photo competition entitled ‘City, People and Architecture’ organized by the Department of Architecture at IBU for the first time, has been extremely successful, both in terms of number of participants as well as in the quality of the received photographs. We at the Department are particularly pleased that among several hundred of applicants, we had participants not only from Bosnia, but also from Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and other regional countries, making this a competition on international level. 

The applicants explored the numerous ways of people’s interaction with space and built fabric, demonstrated interest for architectural detailing and visual language, indicating the versatility and richness of the selected topic. 

On behalf of the Department of Architecture I would particularly like to express our gratitude to the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split, and Faculty of Architecture in Pescara – Italy, for their involvement and support during the competition. Furthermore, I would like to thank Assist. Prof. Dr. Taida Jasarevic – Hefford who was one of the jury members, for her contribution to this competition. 

In our gallery below you can see photos which were chosen for the IBU.arc photo competition. All finalists and winners have been informed.

1stPlace –  Ivana Šatara / Ena Lovrinčević

2ndPlace – Amina Hodžić

3rdPlace –  Hana Hasanefendić

Finally, I would like to thank all participants and congratulate the winners!


Head of Department of Architecture I Assoc. Prof. Dr.Emina Zejnilović