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Young Balkan Designers 2019: Circular Design
Jan 04, 2019

Young Balkan Designers 2019: Circular Design

Open call for regional design competition

The Young Balkan Designers talent platform is hosting its design competition for 2019 on the theme: Circular Design, and invites young designers on the Balkans to participate.

Young Balkan Designers is a regional talent platform established in 2011 with the goal of identifying, promoting and developing the creative potential of the Balkans in the field of industrial design. The aim of the initiative is to unite the regional design scene, bring it closer the international market and strengthen its creative potential, while at the same time contributing to the restoration of multicultural cooperation in the Balkans.

The topic of the competition – “Circular Design” – aims to motivate young designers to become familiar with the basics of circular economy and explore the possibilities of innovative design approach that promotes the sustainability and circulation of products, materials and services. The call is open for design projects − products, concepts, services and scenarios that can bring the Balkans to the forefront of a much needed paradigm shift in design, production and consumption. 

Between 30 and 40 selected projects will participate in the Talent Exhibition at Mikser Festival 2019 festival, scheduled for 24th–26th May 2019 in Lower Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia. There will also be a touring exhibition in the region and it will include 10 to 15 selected projects.

The competition is open to all persons born in 1985* and younger, from the following countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey. Applicants may be individuals or groups of creators. Each applicant may submit more than one entry.

Deadline: 20/02/2019

Result Announcement Expected: March

Source: http://competitions.archi/competition/young-balkan-designers-2019-circular-design/

For more informations visit:http://mikser.rs/ybd-2/